The Name

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Dude, why is your blog called “Total Balance”?…

It took me a while to come up with that name, actually. I think it’s pretty clever, don’t you?…

You see, I wanted a unique name (and clever?) that would work on multiple levels (and in both Danish and English).

After deciding that I wanted to create a blog, I needed to purchase a domain name for it to be hosted on. So I kind of had to come up with the name, before anything else. I had a few ideas and incoherent ramblings written down in a word document, before I came up with the name though, so I did have some content ready. But it was mostly small anecdotes, subjects and headlines.

People say, if you’re having trouble figuring something out, you should put it aside for a while, and focus on something completely different. Then it’s likely that a solution will present itself eventually

Yeah, that didn’t really help. – Until,  one morning (at like 5AM – at least 1 good hour before I had to get up!) it came to me. I knew I had to check the availability first, and most likely, there’s a few trademarks already too (I chose not to worry about that for now…Please don’t sue me, if you have “totalbalance” trademarked. Thanks!).

Do you remember seeing “Total Balance” on your account statements? Yeah? No? Well that’s where I got the idea from…Also, in terms of life, one can ask one self (one should): am I in total balance with myself/the world around me?

When you think about it, there are many areas of life, where “Total Balance” makes sense. The primary subject in this blog, is about balancing your total (see what I did there?). So, there you have it. Puns. I love them. was born (because .com, .net and almost any other common TLD was already taken).

I also thought it would be kind of fun, if someone would stumble upon my blog, looking for something a little more spiritually related (as I’ve googled enough to know that the words “total” and “balance” are often used to describe such offerings. Spiritual guidance that is). Actually, if you came here looking for spiritual guidance – stick around. You might not be completely lost after all 😉

My Total Balance goal is 3 mil DKK (Approx. $470.000/€400.000). What is yours?

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