The best savings advice I (n)ever got…

There comes a time in every FIRE starters blogging career (career – really?) where you have to make a post about, how you – in your infinite wisdom – manage to save up all that money, which you then use to invest, and ultimately retire early, living off of your investments!

Since I’m a FIRE-light’er (GET IT?!), following my savings rate is really boring! (I have a fixed amount that I save each month – 5.000 DKK) Which is why, I’ve decided to start tracking my NSD (No Spending Days). I actually have no idea how many NSD I have today on average, but I’m guessing I should be able to reach at least 20. Ultimately, this should enable me to up my monthly savings goal to, lets say 10.000 DKK…

OK, grandpa – was that the (infinitely wise) advice you were going to give us?!?

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A night out – with Imbro

As previously announced, I’m planning to invest a good sum of money in real estate, via a real estate development company, as that would allow me to purchase a stake (typically 10%) in a larger project.

There’s a good handful of such real estate development companies in Denmark at the moment (there’s probably more – I don’t know all of them), which offer such projects to investors. In order to attract new investors to their projects, they often host a wine-and-dine event for potential new clients/investors a couple of times a year (that’s when you know that they make good money, doing what they do – when they can afford to wine-and-dine potential new investors).

Who am I to say no to a free dinner? (and maybe also learn a little along the way). Join me, on my first wine-and-dine “date” with the company, Imbro.

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Monthly Update #2 (November 2018) – New job – New opportunities – New headaches

October has been a pretty eventful month for me. I made my first crowdlending investments, I found new investment opportunities, and I landed myself a new job.

Technically, I landed the new job already back in September – actually on the same week that I decided to start this blog! – but since we typically have 1 months notice in Denmark, I just started in my new job on November 1st. It doesn’t change a whole lot on the financials (unfortunately), but I get paid in advance in my new job (typical for the financial sector), so I got two paychecks this month! (It’s not fun going the other way – I did that a couple of times).

So my savings are booming this month! I managed to tuck away a whopping 40.000 DKK (€5.333/$6.154). Obviously, this is due to the double-paycheck situation primarily, so lets not dwell too much on that number. Lets look at my investments instead!

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Finding the right balance

Lets face it, as a species we are highly controlled by our stone-age brain. Since the dawn of time, man have been battling their instincts. At first, it was kill or be killed. Hunt, or die of hunger. Build fires, or die of cold. Build buildings, or die of cold. Snap/Insta or be irrelevant!…

You get the idea! Today more than ever, we are challenged by our stone-age brain on a daily basis. The need to survive is still there, but the means of which we have to survive has drastically changed. We no longer need to fight to survive (at least not in the developed part of the world, red.). Somehow, this makes for an in-balance in the balance of man.

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No guts, no glory!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to put my money where my mouth (my fingers *?*) is!

I’ve spend the last couple of weeks, pondering how to reach my ultimate Total Balance goal of DKK 3.000.000 in 15 years (give or take). I believe I’ve now decided on a strategy for the next couple of years, and I would like to share my thoughts on this strategy, in hopes to get some feedback from you guys on the plan!

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Timing is everything!

Have you ever tried delivering a joke, and nobody laughed? That’s timing (or maybe just a bad joke?). Ever tried kissing a girl/boy, and have the person turn away from you? Timing. Have you noticed that the gas prices go up and down, depending on the week day and the time of day? Timing.

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Monthly Update #1 (October 2018) – Broken glasses and shattered dreams

The titles just keep getting better and better, don’t they?…

Here’s a small update, on my first month on FIRE:

If you’ve read The Plan, you know that I plan to turn my original nest egg of 400.000 DKK (approx. $62.000/€53.000) in to 3.000.000 DKK (approx. $470.000/€400.000). If you’ve also read The Dough, you know a little bit about, how that is even going to be possible!

However, I’ve yet to disclose how I plan to diversify my portfolio (currently I’m still in all cash), in order to secure an interest rate of more than 8% on my hard earned cash. Continue reading “Monthly Update #1 (October 2018) – Broken glasses and shattered dreams”

It’s cheasy, I know!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog post!

Ok, so the tagline is a bit cheasy, I admit. – But it got your attention, didn’t it?

I intend to use this blog, to document my journey towards becoming “Financially Free”. If you yourself have recently stumbled upon this particular topic, and are eager to learn how others live their lives with “the FIRE” goal (Financial Independence, Retire Early) you’ve come to the right place.

In the following months (and years), I will be posting regularly about my life, and my progress towards becoming financially independent.

There are plenty of blogs out there already, which cover this particular topic. However, I plan to take a little different angle, than most FIRE bloggers. I’m particular interested in documenting the paradox between having the FIRE mindset, while still “living in the now”. This is something I myself have been struggling with for a while now, and I’m hoping to attract like-minded readers to this site, so that we can share our experiences to the benefit of us all.

I will also be posting progress about my investments (which at the time of writing is very limited). I’m in all cash at the moment. I will explain why that is (among other things), in the coming posts 😉